Helpful hints and tips on how to prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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Keep tooth brushing fun for toddlers There is no reason why tooth brushing small children’s teeth should be a ‘big deal’ – unless they perceive that avoiding it or fighting it is a ‘big deal’ for parents! Aside from keeping it a stress-free ‘no fight zone’, there are few things to keep in mind. Getting…

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Types of dental floss As with so many things these days, even dental floss comes in a confusing variety of forms. There’s waxed and unwaxed, flavoured or unflavoured, tape (ribbon), string and woven! And now there’s a vegan version which avoids bees wax. Waxed dental floss Studies suggest that waxed floss slides between the teeth…

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Tooth sensitivity is no laughing matter! If just the thought of eating ice cream puts your teeth on edge, you already know what tooth sensitivity feels like. But what causes it? Most commonly, sensitivity results from the loss of the tooth’s normal protective mechanisms. Enamel is the hardest structure in the human body. It protects…

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How it starts . . . Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums. When gums are inflamed, they bleed easily when flossing or brushing, or even biting into an apple. Many of us have experienced this from time to time. It is easy to treat –if it’s just in one or two places, paying attention to…

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Relationship between periodontitis and diabetes Type 2 Diabetes is considered to double the risk of periodontal disease compared with healthy individuals. Type II is the acquired diabetes associated with obesity. Other consequences of poorly managed Type II diabetes include heart and kidney disease, peripheral nerve damage and damage to other organs including the eyes. Diabetes…

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Secret life of tooth enamel Tooth enamel consists of calcium and phosphate arranged in a crystal lattice – and is the hardest tissue in the human body. Sounds a lot like geology! And the common idea that it just wears, or erodes over time also sounds like the life of rocks. Demineralisation then remineralisation. .…

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Not for every-tooth! Tooth whitening is a popular and readily available cosmetic procedure that is relatively non-invasive. Treatment choices range from take-home kits to speed whitening in the dental chair – or even in shopping malls. With all the various ads and promotions, you would be forgiven for thinking that all whitening products guarantee a…

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Why do teeth move? Wolff’s law, coined in the 1800’s by German surgeon Julius Wolff, observes that bones adapt (change shape) according to forces acting upon them. And though teeth are not bone, they do sit within bone, and are subject to an array of forces.  Normal forces that move teeth From lips and tongue:…

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Foods and drinks we choose play a major role in stains that develop on our teeth. Although certain antibiotics are also known to cause some tooth yellowing, there is little we can do following a course of medication. However, understanding that certain foods and beverages are more likely to discolour teeth than others can inform…

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