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  • Break the smoking habit, reduce risk of oral cancers

    Break the smoking habit, reduce risk of oral cancers

    The effects of smoking on health are widely accepted. Few, however, realise that the dentist could be the first to notice its consequences. Dentists, through spending much time looking in mouths – at the soft tissues as well as the teeth – become skilled at detecting the sort of abnormalities that may be early signsRead more →
  • Charting dental records

    Charting dental records

    What your teeth say about you ! 'One eight missing, one seven M.O. composite, one six M.O.D. amalgam, one five has M.O. caries . . .'  is an example of professional lingo heard when a dentist is charting, reviewing or updating dental records. Once recorded pen-on-paper using a system of shorthand and now, more commonlyRead more →
  • No more ‘fear of the dentist’ for kids

    No more ‘fear of the dentist’ for kids

    According to authors Gerald Z. Wright and Ari Kupietzky, we are not born with a fear of the dentist. It is acquired or 'a learned response' to a painful experience or it is picked up from dental fears or negative attitudes of parents. Generally parents understand this and try not to influence their children inRead more →