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  • Tongue-tie


    What is tongue-tie and how does it happen? In the mouth of the developing embryo, several bands or strings of tissue are thought to guide the growth of certain structures. They are found under the tongue, under the top lip, near the rear molars and inside the cheeks. The band under the tongue is knownRead more →
  • Dentistry for Women

    What women want  In very general terms, women tend to have different interests and concerns regarding their dental health than men. The technicalities of a procedures are the same for both sexes and are more effected by the location and shape of the tooth, the health and function of neighbouring and opposing teeth, material chosenRead more →
  • Break the smoking habit, reduce risk of oral cancers

    Break the smoking habit, reduce risk of oral cancers

    Smoking: what the dentist sees The effects of smoking on health are widely accepted. Few, however, realise that the dentist could be the first to notice its consequences. Dentists, through spending much time looking in mouths – at the soft tissues as well as the teeth – become skilled at detecting the sort of abnormalitiesRead more →