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  • The 3D printing future of dentistry

    The 3D printing future of dentistry

    3D printing in dentistry 3D printers, capable of producing single crowns, bridges or full arches with tolerances of 50 micrometres, are already used in laboratories. As they evolve, manufacturers expect interest from multi-practice corporates intent on managing production costs. How are they different? 3D printers promise greater accuracy and efficiency over the high-tech in-house crownRead more →
  • What comes first, the confidence or the smile?

    What comes first, the confidence or the smile?

    A confident smile . . . Stories abound, and few require further convincing that improving the aesthetics of a smile is life- changing. Seeing – or receiving – a great smile is an affirmation and positive acknowledgement. And it shows at least a moment of unbridled confidence on the behalf of the ‘smiler’. The confidence toRead more →
  • Choosing health insurance

    Choosing health insurance

    Health insurance and the Government rebate Lifetime health cover (LHC) is an Australian government initiative designed to encourage you to purchase and maintain private patient hospital insurance early in life. So long as your cover commences by your ‘base day’, you may be entitled to a reduction in health insurance premiums or a tax offset.Read more →