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  • Mouthguards


    Pre-season shopping list! It’s the beginning of another new season! Time to pay subs and insurance, purchase new uniforms, replace outgrown shoes . . . and, yes, get a new mouthguard. Options There are the cheap off-the-shelf guards, but nobody is ever too surprised to learn that the “fit almost everyone” (or almost no-one) approachRead more →
  • Baby’s first teeth

    Baby’s first teeth

    Care for first teeth The very best care for baby's teeth is the introduction of a healthy diet. Sugar is the main culprit here, so sweets should be an occasional treat only and consumed as part of a meal or snack. During the sucking action, liquids given via bottle are in contact with the teeth for longerRead more →
  • Smiles are contagious . . .

    Smiles are contagious . . .

    Have you seen our bus ad ? How better to demonstrate that smiles are contagious than by giving you reason to chuckle when stuck behind a bus? Some time ago, during an annual review of popular print advertising, we were discussing the visual impact of team photos. In response to our hesitation, the well-meaning repRead more →