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    • 25 NOV 11
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    Tips for effective brushing

    For best tooth brushing results,

    Effective brushing requires the use of a soft bristled brush to avoid scratching and wearing of the tooth enamel. Furthermore, holding the brush at an angle of 45 degrees allows the tips of the bristles to get under the edge of the gum and then pressing just lightly allows them to clean most effectively.

    Correct action is important:

    Do not scrub back and forth as this damages the enamel, causing accelerated wearing. Instead use a small circular motion, focusing on three teeth for 10 seconds, then move on to the next three teeth.

    Continue with a circular action on cheek side, biting surface and tongue side of your teeth, allowing the bristles to work in to deep grooves. It can be difficult to clean behind the lower front teeth, so try holding the brush handle more vertically.

    Effective brushing takes time, it should take three minutes to work your way around the mouth and be done twice each day.






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