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    • 23 MAY 12
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    How do I use disclosing tablets?

    What are disclosing tablets?

    Disclosing tablets are a great way to test how well you are brushing your teeth, and are especially fun for children who are just learning to brush for themselves. They use a harmless vegetable dye to highlight plaque missed with regular brushing therefore helping to identify the areas that need extra attention.

    Image result for disclosing tablets 

    Adults can use just half a tab, and children one quarter

    Brush your teeth as usual. Chew on the tablet then swish saliva around your mouth for 30 seconds before spitting out.

    Rinse your mouth gently with water and examine your teeth in good light. Food debris, bacterial plaque and poorly cleaned areas will be stained bright red.

    Brush these areas again to remove the coloured areas. Encourage kids to “make their teeth white again”.

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