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    • 10 AUG 12
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    Pregnancy & Oral Hygiene

    What pregnancy means for your teeth:

    Pregnancy brings a change in hormones which can effect the gums, in turn making them more susceptible to inflammation or gum disease. Therefore, it is a great time to check on and, if necessary, improve your daily dental regime.

    Also, having a dental check-up before the morning sickness and tiredness of early pregnancy begins gives you one less thing to worry about.

    Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

    Morning sickness and fatigue mean that many women don’t feel up to brushing their teeth regularly. When this occurs, plaque builds up which can cause inflammation of the gums.

    In addition, stomach acids from vomiting tends to erode tooth enamel, instead of brushing your teeth after vomiting, smear some toothpaste over your teeth and rinse with water. Not only will this make your mouth feel fresh, the fluorides in the toothpaste will strengthen the enamel.

    Unusual cravings?. . .don’t forget your teeth

    Sweet cravings can lead to tooth decay. Instead, choose snacks that are low in sugar and high in fibre and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Also milk and dairy foods are great for getting the extra calcium your baby needs.

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