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    • 14 OCT 17
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    Dentistry for Women

    What women want 

    In very general terms, women tend to have different interests and concerns regarding their dental health than men. The technicalities of a procedures are the same for both sexes and are more effected by the location and shape of the tooth, the health and function of neighbouring and opposing teeth, material chosen for aesthetics or forces to be withstood as well as budget.

    Studies suggest:

    According to recent research in Victoria, men and women have different risk factors, needs and goals for oral health.

    Women, more than men, tend to have a history of eating disorders. The induced vomiting characteristic of bulimia leads to erosion of the enamel behind the front teeth.

    Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and menopause have been associated with a risk of gum disease. One factor to consider is that tooth-brushing is often avoided during periods of nausea. It is a great idea to visit the dentist for a check-up and preventative advice before the baby arrives.

    Smile aesthetics can be a great concern to the point of affecting confidence and willingness to smile or speak. As a generalisation, more women seek cosmetic corrections such as bleaching, straightening and veneers.

    It is more often mothers who will bring the kids along to the dentist when features such as easy parking and pleasant waiting room are much appreciated.

    On the plus side!

    There is evidence that once the benefits of good oral hygiene are understood, women are often more vigilant and proactive than men. This benefits their own dental health as well as ensuring children develop good habits right from the start.

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