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    • 12 JAN 18
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    What comes first, the confidence or the smile?

    What comes first, the confidence or the smile?

    A confident smile . . .

    Stories abound, and few require further convincing that improving the aesthetics of a smile is life- changing. Seeing – or receiving – a great smile is an affirmation and positive acknowledgement. And it shows at least a moment of unbridled confidence on the behalf of the ‘smiler’.

    The confidence to smile

    Imagine for a moment having a discoloured or misshapen front tooth: would it affect your willingness to smile? Wouldn’t it change too, how you order a coffee or call out to a friend across the street? Would it affect your confidence dancing at a club, or relaxing with mates? Or even answering your mobile phone?

    The cosmentics of dentistry

    Today, we turn to dentists as much for cosmetic as medical solutions. Modern technologies and materials allow for dental solutions with visually pleasing outcomes.

    In years past, clients focussed more on the comfort and likely lifespan of dental repairs and appliances. The 21st century finds us both living longer and expecting our teeth to last, so it’s worth considering how hard our teeth work  and the incredible forces they are subjected to over a lifetime.

    The options for repairing or saving a tooth later in life depend on its previous ‘modifications’ – that is, the amount of original tooth tissue that remains. Veneers and other procedures that improve a smile can require the removal of an amount of healthy tooth tissue and are often considered at a time of life when future dental problems are simply unimaginable.

    Having both!

    As often, the key is balance. A pleasing result which preserves as much healthy tissue as possible is an important step towards the goal of “teeth for life”.
    A full discussion with your dentist will enable a well-informed decision respecting both short- and long-term outcomes, ensuring a confident smile for a lifetime!

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