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RCT – why do I need root canal therapy?

Reasons for root canal therapy Tooth ache is the stuff of nightmares! And in many cases, people would happily be rid of the tooth completely. Once the dentist has assessed the tooth, however, they may introduce the topic of root canal therapy, or RCT. It means saving the tooth Through this treatment, the dentist is…

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Broken TeethDental Care custom mouthguards

Isn’t it time for a new mouth guard?

New season, new mouth guard! It’s the beginning of another new season! Time for membership and insurance, new uniforms, replace outgrown shoes . . . and, yes, get a new mouthguard. Types of guard The cheap off-the-shelf mouth guard offers little in the way of protection in the event of a knock to the face.…

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Dental Care Gum disease weakens tooth foundations

Gum disease and diabetes: there may be a link

Diabetes increases the risk of gum disease Late onset, or Type ll diabetes, is now considered to double the risk of periodontal disease compared with healthy individuals. Other consequences include heart and kidney disease, peripheral nerve damage and damage to other organs including the eyes. When caught early this form of diabetes is considered easy…

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Dental CareHealth How to start tooth brushing for toddlers

Tooth-brushing for toddlers – make it fun!

Toddlers and tooth brushing… The main reason tooth-brushing for toddlers ends in fights is they perceive that avoiding or fighting is a ‘big deal’ for parents! Aside from keeping it a stress-free ‘no fight zone’, there are few things to keep in mind. Clean the gums before first teeth appear The first method of tooth…

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Don’t brush your teeth straight after eating . . .

Demineralisation makes tooth enamel vulnerable to wear During and following eating and drinking, our teeth receive an acid wash which leaches minerals from tooth enamel. This everyday process is known as demineralisation. The acids come from our choice of food and drink, but also from the activity of bacteria in plaque after we eat and…

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Dental Care Dreid fruit and syrup are sticky foods

Why sticky foods pose an extra risk to teeth

Sticky foods are in a category of their own! It’s well known that diet choices are important for dental health as well as our general health. Sticky foods are generally ‘sticky’ because of their high sugar content, and frequent snacking on them increases the risk of tooth decay. These foods are a special category of…

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Dental CareHealth Dreid fruit and syrup are sticky foods

Sticky food – a double assault on tooth enamel

The first problem with sticky food: They generally have a high sugar content because it’s sugar that gives them their stickiness! These foods are considered a special category of sweets because their sticky residue is not readily washed away by the normal action of saliva. This means the bacteria natually found in the mouth feed…

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