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Isn’t it time for a new mouth guard?

New season, new mouth guard! It’s the beginning of another new season! Time for membership and insurance, new uniforms, replace outgrown shoes . . . and, yes, get a new mouthguard. Types of guard The cheap off-the-shelf mouth guard offers little in the way of protection in the event of a knock to the face.…

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Broken TeethHealth

To pierce, or not to pierce, my tongue?

Tattoos and piercings are an increasingly popular and accepted form of self-expression, including lip and tongue piercings. What you should know before piercing near the mouth Piercing in or around the mouth come with a greater risk of infection than many other sites. The inside of the mouth which is almost constantly dark and permanently…

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Broken TeethDental Care tooth ache

Tips to help manage dental pain

Dental pain relief tips before you see the dentist It’s possible that dental pain and scary dentists feature more in movies than back pain and various ‘body workers’ such as physiotherapists, masseurs and chiropractors. Surely this comes from widely held fears and unpleasant memories of tooth ache? Understanding pain relief options Dental pain can come…

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Emergency Appointments

Accidents, broken teeth and toothaches occur without warning. We have emergency appointments every weekday, available on a “first call – first serve” basis.  It is essential that you phone as close to our opening time as possible and speak to one of our dental assistants. Accidents involving teeth When a tooth is knocked, pushed in or avulsed (knocked out), seek dental…

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