Helpful hints and tips on how to prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Dental CareDental Info 3D printing in dentistry

The 3D printing future of dentistry

3D printing in dentistry 3D printers, capable of producing single crowns, bridges or full arches with tolerances of 50 micrometres, are already used in laboratories. As they evolve, manufacturers expect interest from multi-practice corporates intent on managing production costs. How are they different? 3D printers promise greater accuracy and efficiency over the high-tech in-house crown…

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Dentistry for Women

What women want  In very general terms, women tend to have different interests and concerns regarding their dental health than men. The technicalities of a procedures are the same for both sexes and are more effected by the location and shape of the tooth, the health and function of neighbouring and opposing teeth, material chosen…

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Dental CareDental Info dental charting

Charting your dental records

What your teeth say about you ! ‘One eight missing, one seven M.O. composite, one six M.O.D. amalgam, one five has M.O. caries . . .’  is an example of professional lingo heard when a dentist is charting, reviewing or updating dental records. Once recorded pen-on-paper using a system of shorthand and now, more commonly…

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Dental CareDental Info coloured acrylic mouthguards


Pre-season shopping list! It’s the beginning of another new season! Time to pay subs and insurance, purchase new uniforms, replace outgrown shoes . . . and, yes, get a new mouthguard. Options There are the cheap off-the-shelf mouthguards, but nobody is ever too surprised to learn that the “fit almost everyone” (or almost no-one) approach…

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Dental CareDental Info baby's teeth

Baby’s first teeth

Care for those first teeth The very best care for baby’s teeth is the introduction of a healthy diet. Sugar is the main culprit here, so sweets should be an occasional treat only and consumed as part of a meal or snack. During the sucking action, liquids given via bottle are in contact with the teeth for…

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Hygienist or Oral Health Therapist

Therapist or hygienist? Oral Health Therapy is a four year full time Bachelor degree course differing slightly from the qualification of Dental Hygienist. An oral health therapist, in addition to scaling and polishing, root scaling and deep cleaning for gum disease, can also diagnose and carry out treatments including fillings in children. Both practitioners can take dental…

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Dental CareHealth smoking and nicotine

Smoking – teeth and gums

Smoking affects oral health too. While it is widely understood that smoking and nicotine cause a range of medical problems and diseases, it is likely that fewer of us know about the damage caused to the mouth, teeth and gums. Staining is caused directly from the nicotine and tar in tobacco. The teeth look yellow, and can…

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Brushing your teeth after eating

Wait before you brush. . . Brushing your teeth straight after eating is not the best idea. Oral bacteria attack the remnants of food on and around the teeth causing acids to accumulate in the saliva. A process known as demineralisation occurs which, for a short time makes tooth enamel more porous. At this time, the enamel…

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Dental CareHealth

Pregnancy & Oral Hygiene

What pregnancy means for your teeth: Pregnancy brings a change in hormones which can effect the gums, in turn making them more susceptible to inflammation or gum disease. Therefore, it is a great time to check on and, if necessary, improve your daily dental regime. Also, having a dental check-up before the morning sickness and…

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