Our fees are fair and affordable

Dental treatments and services have a code, or item number used by health funds. Fees for these items are set by the practice.

Item numbers are determined by the Australian Dental Association in a Schedule agreed by the Health Funds.

When your dentist recommends a plan of treatment, you can ask for a quote. A detailed treatment plan specifically for you will include all treatment item numbers and fees. Your health fund can then advise you, based on your policy inclusions, of the amount they will contribute for each service item. This is known as the ‘health fund rebate’.

The rebate from any fund is based on their business models and the level of insurance you have purchased. Cover and rebates differ between health funds, so ensure you select a product that best suits your needs. Our dental fees reflect our practice costs.The difference between the rebate and the dental fees is known as ‘the gap’, or co-payment. This is payable by you.

Some of our fees

Following, for your reference, is a sample of commonly used item numbers. It is not a complete list of the services we provide. We stand by our fees as being competitive, fair and affordable, and take part in annual fee reviews to monitor this.

Please understand we reserve the right to vary fees in the event of complications, but know that you will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

New Patient Exam011$64.50
Routine Dental Exam012$51.50
Extended Consultation014$79
Radiographs (X-rays)022$42
Scaling and Cleaning of Teeth114$110
Treatment of Periodontal Disease222$89 per tooth
Fluoride Treatment121$30
Anterior Tooth Single Surface521$138
Anterior Tooth Two Surface522$165
Anterior Tooth Three Surface523$196
Posterior Tooth Single Surface531$154.50
Posterior Tooth Two Surface532$180
Posterior Tooth Three Surfaces533$217.50
All Ceramic Crowns613From $1200
Porcelain Bonded to Metal615$1600
Gold Crowns618$1600
Single Canal Tooth415/417/022x2$762
Two Canal Tooth415/416/417/418/022x2$1040
Three Canal Tooth415/416x2/417/418x2/022x2$1313
Limited Exam and X ray013/022$89
Palliative Care911$72
Emergency Removal of Tooth Nerve419$210
Treatment of Acute Periodontal Infection213$110
Splints for Bruxing and Grinding965$500