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Tooth brushing technique: how to be effective

Correct tooth brushing technique removes plaque Plaque is a clear film that collects on the teeth. It results from the action of bacteria in the mouth, can cause tooth decay but is easily removed with a tooth brush. Optimal plaque removal requires good brushing technique – so it makes sense to know how to do…

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Dental Care Shows colourful dye adhering to plaque

Disclosing tabs: what are they and how do they work?

Disclosing tabs show how well you are brushing your teeth Regular tooth brushing has been shown to prevent decay and keep the gums healthy, particularly when brushing technique is effective. Apart from a visit to the dentist, there is one other way to test – and measure improvements in – your oral hygiene techniques. Using…

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Pregnancy & Oral Hygiene

What pregnancy means for your teeth: Pregnancy brings a change in hormones which can effect the gums, in turn making them more susceptible to inflammation or gum disease. Therefore, it is a great time to check on and, if necessary, improve your daily dental regime. Also, having a dental check-up before the morning sickness and…

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